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Media Share Suite 3 | Online Video, Audio & Photo Sharing Nulled Script

Media Share Suite 3 | Online Video, Audio & Photo Sharing Nulled Script

Media Share Suite 3 | Online Video, Audio & Photo Sharing Nulled Script

Using our Flexible, Powerful and Reliable media sharing & hosting software, you can now turn your brilliant ideas into highly profitable Web 2.0 websites.

Homepage: http://www.mediasharesuite.com/

Demo: http://www.livemediashare.com/

Admin Demo: http://www.livemediashare.com/administration/ (Username: admin Password: admin)


Videos, Audios & Photos: All In One
You can now have Video, Audio and Photo hosting & sharing, all in one website.

Highly Customizable
MediaShare uses the well known Smarty Template Engine, in order for you to easily customize the layout by modifying the template files or integrate with your existing design.

Full Unicode Support
MediaShare supports full utf-8 in all areas of the site and the database: video/audio/image titles, description, tags, comments, everything! That means you can run the website in any possible language!

Search Engine Optimized
MediaShare has new Search Engine Friendly URLs, for better indexing and ranking in search engines.

Advanced Meta-Tag support
Each page has its own title and meta tags. Especially for video / audio / image view pages, the HTML output uses as meta title, meta keywords and meta description the tags defined from posting the video / audio / image. The same meta-tag support exists for user profile pages and Channel home-pages.

Extended Customization Options
Configure every possible website setting from the Administration Panel.

Custom Member Profiles
Members can now fully customize their profile: colors, fonts, transparency, background image, profile image, channel audios/images/videos, and many more.

Support For Most Popular Video/Image/Audio Formats
MediaShare is designed to allow your members to upload a wide range of formats, supported by the codec library which includes: AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, OGG, RM, WAV and many more!

Background Processed Video and Audio Conversion
Video and Audio Conversions are now performed in a background server process. After a successful upload, the member doesn’t have to wait (loading the page) until the conversion process is finished; he is instantly redirected to a Success page, while the video is converted in the background, and will become available on the website when ready. This solves many timeout problems experienced while uploading/converting larger files.

Real-Time Streaming
Uploaded videos are converted to Flash Video (FLV), allowing your MediaShare website members to stream videos using the built-in flash player with buffer support just like YouTube! Videos are streamed to the user using “progressive download”, so it will work on any server, without having to install any expensive server-streaming software.

Conversion Configuration
Configure different conversion related settings: video resample, resample width & height, sound quality (rate), video bitrate, and many more.

Embeddable Flash Video Player
Our script features an advanced flash video player with text ads, video ads, playlist, full-screen support, which can be easily embeded by members in their web page or MySpace/Friendster profiles. On demand, the Video Player can be rebranded with your logo watermark and link to your website.

File Commenting and Rating
Using AJAX technology, members will be able to instantly rate and comment files.

Word/Expression Filtering
Don’t want your members using foul language? This feature will easily help you accomplish that. You can define a list of custom words and expressions to be filtered out from any user submitted input. You can also choose to completely remove any bad words or expresions, or you can replace them with any custom string.

User Blocking
Block or unblock users at any time, set various blocking options.

Playlists, Quicklists
Create playlists of your favorite files and share them with other users or anyone else. Add files to your quicklist to view them later or easily access them at any time.

Subscribers, Subscriptions
Subscribe to user uploads, favorites or playlists and manage your subscribers.

Messaging System
MediaShare also features a built-in messaging system used by members to easily communicate with each other by composing messages and sending to their network of friends.

Content Filtering
Sorting options have been added to the pages where various objects (videos, friends, users, etc) are displayed. You can sort videos and items by Date, Category, Time Added, etc. This will help your users find and index what they want much easier.

Upload Progress Bar
Getting bored while uploading big files? Then you need this. Live progress bar with several statistics like: Percent, File Size, Downloaded KBytes, Elapsed Time, Estimated Time Left, Estimated Speed (KB/sec).

File Approval
The administrator can now choose to Approve Files before they appear on the website. This function can be turned on or off.

RSS Feeds
Offer several RSS feeds for categorized groups of videos (most recent, top rated, most discussed, etc).

Cloud Tags
See the most popular tags used throughout the site.

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