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Niche Video Script 2.0.6

Niche Video Script 2.0.6

Niche Video Script 2.0.6

NicheVideoScript is a versatile and powerful content building script for any type of niche website, NicheVideoScript is not just a video upload script, in fact its much much more with full articles directory, rss feeds directory, digg like clone bookmarking directory, members blogs, videos and playlists plus much more.

This script is perfect for webmasters who want to create a niche website in a particular target market as the feature rich content builder csan be used for just about any niche, webmasters can also use it as a general content website without a niche as it works in any way you want to use it.

NicheVideoScript is a great solution for webmasters looking for a script that had no bandwidth issues when it comes to mass adding bulk amounts of video, enabling webmasters to build 100’s of niche targeted websites monitized for ads. With the release of version 2 there is even more reason to start using this great 100% free script.

Let’s just cut right to the chase here & list the awesome features of NicheVideoScript Version 2! Remember… its still 100% FREE to download and use on all your domains, you have nothing to LOSE & EVERYTHING to gain! with a great all rounder script and excellent free customer support.



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