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Senuke XCR

Senuke XCR

Senuke XCR

Run the updater and copy the patch over to the senuke folder.
Just click the verify button to use.

SenukeXCr Version 3.0.54 Release, Released 1/15/2013

Ticket 2341 – Toolbox needs to be a little bit wider.
Ticket 2322 – Can’t edit scripts etc. when you change the order of the sites in account creation.
Ticket 2344 – Can ‘t delete sites in social networking module.
Ticket 2348 – Better handling of corrupt XML files
Ticket 2337 – Turbo wizard puts 3 links in the articles etc. even when 1 is selected.
Ticket 2223 – URL Lists not saving after toolbox modification

Plus the usual minor fixes and removals.

Based off changeset #4961




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